First experience

First experience

Vhodné jako první návštěv Pitlandu.

Vybavení není součástí ceny, na místě je však možné si jej zapůjčit dle ceníku ZDE

Při zapůjčení kombinézy vyžadujeme ze zdravotních důvodů oblečení do funkčního prádla s dlouhým rukávem a nohavicemi ke kotníkům. Pokud jej nevlastníte, je možné ho na místě zakoupit. 

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First experience

Recommended for your first visit to Pitland.

The price per 1 person for 2 hours is:

  • 2,400 CZK on weekdays from Wednesday to Friday
  • 2,700 CZK on weekends from Saturday to Sunday

Equipment is not included in the price, but this can be loaned.

If you loan our equipment, you will need functional underwear with long arms and legs underneath the one-piece suit.


Planning a ride at Pitland as a gift? If you purchase the Unwrap it! voucher HERE, you don’t need to work out which product is most suitable for the receiver.



First Experience opens the doors to Pitland to you. During this experience, you’ll handle the ePit, test your capabilities on the circuits and on the track, and you’ll be sure to get a real kick out of it!

We pride ourselves on an individual approach, so you’ll be getting feedback while you’re riding via the intercom in your helmet from our experienced SAM, and we’ll also be training you in small groups up to a maximum of 3 people, so you’ll be receiving the highest care.


Children under 150 cm cannot attend the course without prior notification and our confirmation via


This experience has 2 main parts – training on circuits and timed races on the track.

We’ll adjust the training to your ability, and we’ll be focusing on the following areas:

  • turning your head into bends
  • correct body posture, head, working with your hands
  • correct seating position on bike, position and
  • work with legs
  • riding on the circuit, figure of eight, slalom, etc.

We’ll show you the right method on the track and polish your ride technique. After each ride, we’ll also send you your times by email. So who can improve the most?


Briefing and other important information

  • the briefing is an integral component of every course. It comprises brief instructions, in which we explain to you how the ePit works, and how to treat it. It also includes rules which need to be observed to ensure a safe ride. You can play the briefing here at any time, and go back to it whenever you need to
  • you need a one-piece leather suit with plastic sliders, strong boots, an integral helmet and gloves to ride
  • you can loan a full set of equipment here according to the pricelist HERE
  • you need to arrive for your ride 30 minutes before the stated start time
  • you can only park at the marked places at the site